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April 24, 2022

Ep28: Addictions & Estrangement

Ep28: Addictions & Estrangement

"We are all addicted to something, not necessarily a substance. A way of thinking, being, racing and it comes from somewhere, so before you judge anyone: Ask not why the addiction, but why the pain.” - Dr. Gabor Mate

In this episode, Kreed discusses a different perspective on addiction and navigating this through estrangement.

Dr. Gabor Mate - physician, author, expert on addiction and childhood trauma

BOOK:  In The Realm of The Hungry Ghost - by Dr. Gabor Mate

The Best Explanation of Addiction I’ve Ever Heard – Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Richard Schwartz - psychotherapist (PhD in marriage & family therapy)

Dr. Marc Lewis - deveopmental psychologist & neuroscientist

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