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Season 2

March 19, 2023

EP74: Your Kid Is In Therapy. And?

In this episode, Kreed discusses the therapy process, how it can help estranged people (both parents and adult children). She also shares about the value in being curious about the process, what’s not being openly seen/heard ...

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March 12, 2023

S2EP73 - But That's NOT What I Meant! How to bridge the intent - impa…

* ----- SHOW NOTES: In this episode, Kreed discusses Email Kreed at: Coaching with Kreed: Support group facilitated by K...

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March 6, 2023

Ep72 - A Special Kind of Grief

In this episode, Kreed discusses grieving the death of dreams. ------ Coaching with Kreed: Support group facilitated by Kreed: https://www.facebook...

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Feb. 27, 2023

EP71: Life Symbology - what are we missing?

In this episode, Kreed discusses, by way of life stories, the fact that human beings are wired for connection and when they walk away from connection, there is always a reason why. Learn to recognize the symbology. ----- http...

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Feb. 20, 2023

EP70: The Platinum Rule

In this episode, Kreed discusses what the platinum rule is, why its important and how to implement it. Want to reconcile? Learn everything you can about this "rule". ----- Coaching with Kreed:...

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Feb. 19, 2023

EP70: The Platinum Rule - a fast track to possible reconciliation

In this episode, Kreed discusses what the platinum rule is and why utilizing it can help your adult child to feel see, heard and validated ... aka fast tracking reconciliation (if at all possible). ----- http://www.TheEstra...

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Feb. 12, 2023

EP69: I'm Estranged. There's Nothing To Be Grateful For!

In this episode, Kreed walks listeners through her own gratitude practice - when & how it started - and how it has morphed and transformed over the years. Learn about the obstacles to practice gratitude and how to develop a …

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Feb. 5, 2023

EP68: Do They Have ANY Good Memories of Childhood?

In this episode, Kreed discusses the reason why estranged adult children may not be able to recall or see good memories from childhood. ----- Coaching with Kreed: https://theestrangedheart-s...

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Jan. 29, 2023

S2E12 - The Many Paths Estranged & Reconciled Mothers Walk

In this episode, Kreed shares a collection of stories as an estrangement & reconciliation coach. ----- Coaching with Kreed: Support group facilitate...

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Jan. 22, 2023

S2E11 - My Kid Had A Charmed Life! Why Are They So Mean?

In this episode, Kreed discusses the importance of perspective and how we must entertain the adult child's if we expect to move the needle on moving towards reconciliation. ----- Coaching wit...

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Jan. 15, 2023

S2E10: But I AM Listening!! Listening & hearing are not the same thin…

In this episode, Kreed discusses the fine art of listening and how to understand the difference between listening and hearing. Learning how to listen to others is a skill set we are not taught and must learn. By doing this, …

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Jan. 8, 2023

S2E9: Boundaries - don't leave home without them!

In this episode Kreed discusses what boundaries are, why they are needed and why we fear them. To learn more about boundaries, consider the upcoming workshop that Kreed will be holding with the same title: BOUNDARIES - don't ...

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Jan. 1, 2023

S2E8: What Makes Me An Estrangement & Reconciliation Expert

In this episode, Kreed answers the question - what makes you an expert? With a 80-85% success rate for reconciliation, it is here that Kreed explores how her approach is different than most others working in the estrangement ...

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Dec. 18, 2022

S2E7: Let’s Talk About Trust

* --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Dec. 11, 2022

S2E6: UPDATE - It's been a year since THE talk about the reasons why …

In this episode, Kreed discusses what it's been like for the past year since having THE talk with her daughters about why they estranged from her. ---- Coaching with Kreed: https://theestra...

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Dec. 4, 2022

S2E5: Dear Estranged Mom - Are You Allowing Estrangement To Define Yo…

Have you been using your EACs life to fill up your own life? Who are YOU outside of your children? ---

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Nov. 27, 2022

S2E4: Answering Questions from Estranged Adult Children

In this episode, Kreed answers questions from estranged adult children regarding feelings of guilt, grief and how sexuality, gender identity and religion play into estrangements. --- Amends Letter Workshop - Saturday, 12/3/20...

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Nov. 20, 2022

S2E3 - An Estranged Mom's Story

In this episode, Kreed talks with estranged mom, Connie, regarding her reflections on her parenting mistakes, the guilt she feels, the waiting game and the unknown. It should be noted that this episode mentions potential trig...

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Nov. 13, 2022

S2E2: Interview with Formerly Estranged & Now Reconciled Adult Child

In this special episode, Kreed interviews formerly estranged and now reconciled adult child, AC Bergen-Fischer. AC and his mother were once estranged from one another for six years and today, they see each other on a regular ...

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Nov. 6, 2022

S2E1 - The Holidays & Estrangement

Welcome to season two of The Estranged Heart Podcast. In this first episode, Kreed discusses how to navigate your way through the holidays if you are an estranged parent or adult child. ---- ...

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