The Estranged Heart

Finally someone understands!

I have just started to listen to podcast and I’m sorry I didn’t find this one sooner!

I am still in the midst of estrangement. I have only listened to the first two episodes but I know I will listen to all of them by tomorrow.

For the first time, someone actually understands, relates and has put a voice to all the pain.

I am also interested and open to learning what was my role in my own estrangement.

I have been estranged from my son and as a result, my grandchildren, for almost eight years. I have already gone through the grief process and it was hard and it was REAL! still today, at certain moments, I go through grief and the whole gamut of grieving (only it happens in a much quicker period of time) sometimes one day, sometimes a few hours.

Anyway, I had to stop at episode two to send this review because that’s how strongly I feel that I have found someone who’s not only been through it and gets it, but also is providing a platform to hear other perspectives, as in adult children speaking of some of their reasons.

I look forward to listening to the whole podcast and to follow it every week!

Thank you!

Sept. 9, 2022 by Zenobry on Apple Podcasts

The Estranged Heart