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Feb. 27, 2022

Ep19: Is There Really Something Wrong With The Adult Child?

Or could there be something true and valid beneath the surface? In this episode, Kreed delves into reasons why adult children may be estranging from parents. Volunteers are still needed for Ricki Bouska’s, LMHC research study...

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Feb. 20, 2022

Episode 18: Collateral Damage - Grandchildren & Grandparents

In this episode, Kreed shares her experience of having once been removed from her grandchildren’s lives and her process of grief around that. --- Send in a voice message: Support...

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Feb. 16, 2022

Bonus Episode: Seeking Volunteers for Research Study

In this episode, Kreed provides information regarding a licensed therapist who is seeking volunteers for her doctoral research study. If you are a U.S. resident, 60+ years of age, fully retired, emotionally estranged from you...

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Feb. 14, 2022

Bonus Episode: Valentine’s Day - a message of love

A message of love … ❤️ --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Feb. 13, 2022

Episode 17: Atlas of Love - a Valentine’s Day episode

Returning to meaningful & heartfelt connections in the face of estrangement. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Feb. 6, 2022

Episode 16: An Estranged Mom Reaches Out - the power of curiosity

In this episode, Kreed discusses an email from an estranged mother who reached out to express her Aha moments that came as she listened to the podcast. And by ahas … she means things she discovered about herself as well …

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Jan. 30, 2022

Episode 15: An Estranged Adult Daughter Reaches Out

In today’s episode, Kreed discusses a conversation she had with an estranged adult daughter who reached out asking for her input and perspective regarding her contemplation of attempting reconciliation with her estranged pare...

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Jan. 24, 2022

Episode 14, part 2: Trauma & Estrangement

In part 2 of this episode #14, Kreed discusses how trauma impacts the behaviors of estranged adult children and the importance of accepting their trauma experience as something that happened inside them as a result of what ha...

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Jan. 23, 2022

Episode 14, part 1: Trauma & Estrangement

In part 1 of this episode, Kreed discusses what trauma is and how our knowledge of it has changed and evolved over the last several decades; how the word itself is utilized so much more frequently in every day life. …

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Jan. 16, 2022

Episode 13: Emotions and Estrangement

Kreed discusses the power of emotions … not just for pain but also for healing. Show Notes: The Language of Emotions (book) by Karla McLaren, M.Ed

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Jan. 9, 2022

Episode 12: How Did We Get Here? Rooting out reasons for estrangement.

In this episode Kreed discusses the not so obvious reason for estrangement and why learning what these reasons are can help you to get closer to reconciliation. SHOW NOTES: ACE Study -

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Jan. 2, 2022

Episode 11: In Losing Them, I Found Myself

Learn how retreating so as to move forward is a valuable step in estrangement and or reconciliation experiences. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: https://ancho...

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Jan. 2, 2022

Bonus Episode: So Long 2021, Hello 2022

Reflect upon your last year and move forward with intention into this new year. Kreed also reveals a few new things coming in 2022 for TEHP! --- Send in a voice message: Support ...

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Dec. 26, 2021

Episode 9: How Do I Get Through This?

Kreed gives suggestions on how to get through the heartache and pain of estrangement based on her own experience as well as those parents and adult children she has worked with as a relationship reconciliation coach. --- S...

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Dec. 25, 2021

Bonus Episode: A Christmas Message

A heartfelt message from host, Kreed Revere, to all estranged parents and adult children. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Dec. 19, 2021

Episode 8: Estranged Mom. Estranged Adult Child. I’ve Been Both.

Kreed discusses her own estrangement from her mom and how that provided insight to how her adult children might have felt during their estrangement. SHOW NOTES: 1. Interview with Lesley McShane on her podcast, The New Old You...

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Dec. 12, 2021

Episode 7: Mom … We Need To Talk

The long awaited conversation with my adult children happened - why did they estrange? A conversational lesson in clarifying, strength, vulnerability and compassion. --- Send in a voice message:

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Dec. 5, 2021

Episode 6: I Taught Her Well

In this episode, Kreed discusses her big Aha! moment which helped her to lessen her anger, soften her heart and learn radical acceptance. As we know …. children do not listen to what we say but rather watch what we …

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Nov. 28, 2021

Episode 5: Lessons Learned - What life looks like today.

In this episode, Kreed discusses what she stopped doing, started doing and is still working on after reconciling with her adult children. She also talks about the ten lessons she learned from her estrangement and reconciliati...

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Nov. 21, 2021

Episode 4: The Repair

Kreed shares about how she initially reconciles with her adult children. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Nov. 14, 2021

Episode 3: Why Me?

Kreed discusses what happened after the estrangement fracture and before the reconciliation with her adult children. Topics covered are ambiguous loss, shame and feeling all the feels. --- Send in a voice message: https://...

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Nov. 7, 2021

Episode 2: The Fracture

In this episode, the host of The Estranged Heart, Kreed Revere, shares her own estrangement story. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Oct. 31, 2021

Episode 1: Estranged Hearts Everywhere

The Estranged Heart podcast debut episode! Tune in to learn more about the podcast and its trajectory as well as the host, Kreed Revere, a formerly estranged and now reconciled parent of two adult children, and her perspectiv...

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Oct. 26, 2021

An Introduction to The Estranged Heart Podcast

They say necessity is the mother of invention … and well, here we are. Join us for a brief introduction to TEHP, how it came to be and why it’s here. --- Send in a voice message:

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