Validation Workshop - Sunday, 08/28/2022
Feb. 27, 2022

Welcome to TEHP

Welcome to TEHP

The Estranged Heart podcast began as a way to help others to feel less alone. That turned into a way to help heal and then transform estranged relationships between parents and adult children. 

As a formerly estranged and now reconciled mother AND a former estranged adult child, I am intimately aware of both sides of the estrangement coin. It's an experience that brought be to my knees but also gave me the opportunity to change my life ... for the better. I now have more love, joy, peace and compassion in my life than ever before. And I have my daughters, mom AND myself for that. 

Thank you for following your curiosity. It is my hope that you will find some take away nuggets that might serve as guideposts for you on your estrangement and or reconciliation path.

With gratitude,